Describe the idea of the ‘Barefoot Leader’
They take one step at a time, they remove the unnecessary extras, they remain connected to community and humanity, they keep focused on the outcome, they use the things that work and discard those that don’t. We are facing a crisis of leadership in the world today. Effective leadership requires those in leadership positions to meet nine critical challenges. This book describes the challenges and how to meet them.

Why did you write the book?
I believe that we can make the world a better place by improving the effectiveness of those who hold positions of leadership. I think that more effective leadership rests on meeting a set of challenges that can be mastered by anyone. I have dedicated my professional life to helping leaders meet these challenges and I wanted to share how they have done this with a broader audience. Poor leadership robs people of their livelihoods, can create misery and conflict and hampers the advancement of the human race. Outstanding leaders get great business results but also ensure that they have a positive impact on society. This book shows how to be a successful leader whilst upholding our responsibilities as members of the human race.

What do you think makes a great leader?
The underlying assumption of the book is that anyone can be a great leader, they just have to do, and keep doing, a small set of simple things. Leaders are defined by what they do, much more than by who they are. It is action, more than attributes, that defines good leadership, and great leaders consistently take action that results in better results.

What can readers expect from the book?
It is very pragmatic – focusing on the simple things that anyone can do to be a better leader. It makes the complex simple. It is evidence based. The ideas in it have been tested in multiple organisations in many industries across a number of countries and cultures.


For a copy of the book visit The Barefoot Leader.