• Psychometric Assessment

    At Maximus, we combine our strong and established connections to global research houses, industry thought leaders, and prestigious Ivy League institutions with our daily, in-depth work with national and international organisations. We do this to bring our clients specialist, unique, and customised insights for pre-employment testing, capability assessments, LSI 1, LSI 2, OPQ, Saville Wave, WAVE testing, and more. We offer solutions around:

    • Individual Assessment
    • Work Groups and Teams
    • Organisational Insight
    • ROI and Measurement
  • transformative leadership

    Maximus creates life-changing, transformative experiences for global leaders. We challenge the status quo and push the limits of what it means to be a truly authentic leader. The result is revolutionary insight that moves minds and transforms organisations and the leaders within. We offer solutions around:

    • Immersive Leadership Experiences
    • High Potential Accceleration
    • Executive Leadership and Coaching
    • Sales Leadership and Transformation
  • organisational design

    We believe that an organisation’s leaders create the conditions to execute strategy. That’s why we partner with our clients to implement design and change initiatives. We know that your input is essential to their success. We work from the very core architecture of your organisation, through to the informal beliefs and assumptions that shape its culture. We then collaborate with you and your leaders to develop a detailed plan for the future. We offer solutions around:

    • Operating Model and Organisation Design
    • Organisation Processes
    • Performance Culture
    • Innovation and Improvement
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