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Caspar De Carteret


A globally experienced mindset coach and facilitator

Caspar redefines the boundaries of human potential. With a record of focusing the mindset, goals and perspectives of global leaders. Caspar is a coach and a catalyst for transformation, propelling individuals, teams and organisations towards growth.

At the heart of Caspar’s approach lies the courage to persevere, even in the face of daunting challenges. His secret? Cultivating a growth mindset, motivation, and relentless determination, igniting inspiration in those around him.

Core to Caspar’s success is his ability to harness the power of genuine connections, and build deep, meaningful relationships. This commitment to authenticity is a cornerstone of his mindset work, fostering a collaborative environment where trust and mutual respect flourish.

A global citizen, Caspar has experienced the complex landscapes of international consulting firms and startups. His 15 + year career in developing transformative strategies enhances both individual growth and group success. He thrives on the exhilarating challenge of assembling new teams to achieve results, followed by the dedication to reach their ultimate goals.

Key Highlights of Caspar de Carteret:

Mindset Cultivator: Caspar equips teams and individuals with a resilient growth mindset, setting the stage for peak and consistent performance.
Relationship Architect: Caspar excels in creating and nurturing relationships, fostering a collaborative environment that amplifies client success.
Performance Pioneer: Drawing on his extensive experience, Caspar understands the critical metrics needed to catalyse behavioural change which propels sustainable organisational performance.

“Becoming a leader, is synonymous with becoming yourself. It’s precisely that simple, and it’s also that difficult.”


  • Bachelor (Hons) in Sports Coaching
  • Accredited Facilitator in Mindset Practice