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Julie Egonidis

Associate Director, Business Development

A true connector and activator of leadership and performance.

Julie believes that courageous leadership has far reaching impact in society; through cultures we create, the high performing teams we empower, and the bold decisions that drive our organisations and communities forward.   

Having spent over 15 years in senior business development, client engagement, and management consulting roles, Julie has an unwavering ability to turn information into insight and foster collaboration for mutually meaningful outcomes.  

Julie is all about delivering growth and making a real difference in partnership with peers and clients. Her diverse sector expertise across senior management roles with Melbourne Business School, CLA (Future Leadership) and CPA Australia, elevates her contributions to any solution. 

Julie embodies our values of being “All In” with authenticity and generosity. She enjoys building deep and trusted relationships to make leadership performance a reality. A keen and curious learner, she is currently undertaking a Master of Leadership and Management to deepen her understanding of the unique demands of work systems and the impact they can have on the future. 

Julie is partnership centered. Connecting ideas and insights to co-create outcomes that make a difference.

Julie is a future thinker. Shaping the future of leadership where all stakeholders thrive together with a united purpose and bold ambition.

Julie drives impact. Relentless in her quest to influence change and drive impact where businesses can perform well and do good for long-term success.

“Achieving potential often requires stepping into the uncomfortable which ultimately leads to change.”


  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma, International Relations
  • Melbourne Business School Executive Education
  • Masters of Leadership and Management (Organisation Psychodynamics) – currently studying