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Paul Drew

Associate Director

An experienced leader leveraging deep relationships and a human touch to drive outcomes.

Paul transforms organisations with a human touch. Known for building and leveraging deep relationships and aligning outcomes to purpose, Paul focuses on the individuals behind the results.

With a gentle approach and unrivalled ability to listen, Paul unlocks potential that leaders and teams do not know they have. Fueled by a disarming and collaborative nature, Paul brings teams and organisations together – navigating trade-offs and choices, creating alignment and clarity to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Paul has worked across large enterprises delivering transformative agendas and navigated leadership teams through unparalleled journeys of uncertainty. His unique ability to take complex strategies and challenges, and simplify them into a series of logical steps, demand attention and deliver results.

Paul is committed to the core. Driving impact through his uncompromising commitment to those he serves.

Paul simplifies the complex. Making the complex simple, Paul turns transformative agendas into human commitments and progress.

Paul has a caring curiosity. Driven by insatiable curiosity, Paul seeks insight in every interaction.

“I enjoy the moments that unlock an individual’s impact, the potential that has always been there, held back or hidden by the complexities and pressures we place on ourselves.  Leadership to me is getting out of our own way to inspire, motivate and create successful paths for others.”


  • Bachelor of eCommerce
  • Masters of Business Administration (AGSM)
  • Human Synergistics, LSI and Six Sigma Accredited