JAMES CAMERON: the full 1-hour interview 

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Filmmaker. Storyteller. Pioneer. 

Late last year, we challenged a room full of leaders to “Imagine a better world…think of a better story…” as we welcomed to the stage cinematic legend James Cameron in a candid interview on the relentless curiosity and deep-seated purpose that led him to take on some of the world’s most ambitious projects. 

Guided by our Founder Vanessa Gavan, the interview shined a spotlight on the seismic impact visionary leadership can have on our personal lives, our teams and on society.

Sharing content like this elevates our mission to expose people to what’s possible when you tap into the power of transformational leadership and brings to life our commitment to shaping the leaders who create the future.

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About James Cameron

James Cameron is an industry luminary who has raised the bar in both the ‘fantasy’ and ‘real’ worlds. His directing career is marked by ‘firsts’ and ‘mosts (Titanic’s 11 Oscars; and Avatar’s earnings); and his pioneering explorations by ‘deepest’ and ‘onlys’ (a brave solo ocean descent). Global leaders across every executive level have lauded his display of relentless curiosity, innovative thinking and passion when it comes to leading the teams involved in these films and expeditions. His anatomy is that of a game changer; and in this interview, we explore the visionary leadership behind it all — including his projects; how he delivers them and the teams who work on them. 




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