We exist to move minds, transform businesses, and leave a legacy of proven value.


Our solutions shift leading organisations across the globe and the leaders within.

With unique foundations in psychology, business, and industry, we will fully immerse ourselves in your organisation, partnering with your leaders to provide relevant, actionable insights to help them move forward.

At Maximus, we create life-changing transformative experiences for global leaders. We challenge the status quo and push the limits of what it means to be a truly authentic leader. The result is revolutionary insight that moves minds and transforms organisations and the leaders within.

We believe that an organisation’s leaders can help create the conditions in which strategy is executed. That’s why we partner with our clients to implement design and change initiatives. We know that your input is essential to its success.

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The leaders we work with build legendary companies by inspiring action toward a higher sense of purpose. Maximus creates life-changing, transformative experiences for global leaders.

Our Clients

Since 2001, Maximus has challenged and inspired over 25,000 leaders from a wide range of companies and industries.

We partner with our clients for the long term and deliver game-changing experiences that transform organisations and the leaders within. We also continually evolve with our clients and create our unique solutions in an environment of open collaboration. That results in tremendous value and lifelong impact.


Latest News and Insights

  • News: Maximus clients win at the Australian HR Awards

    On Friday, 9 September, more than 700 HR professionals converged on The Star Sydney to recognise the best of the best in people management at the third annual Australian HR Awards. Among the 19 award winners announced on the night, we are very proud to have partnered with seven of the finalists, including three of the winners.

  • 4 essential behaviours of modern leaders

    Your management style is a reflection of your personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and the values that you have build up over the course of your life. Because of this, there are as many kinds of leadership as there are leaders. From the autocratic to the democratic, from the conceptual to the task-oriented, managers come in all shapes and sizes – with varying levels of effectiveness.

  • News: Chris Slattery joins Maximus with a clear mandate to drive growth

    We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Slattery in July as a Director at Maximus and a key member of the firm’s management team. In her role, Slattery oversees the firm’s operations and human resources functions. She also heads up Maximus’s government portfolio, which includes such clients as Transport NSW and Taronga Zoo.

  • Developing leadership capability in the new world of work

    The concept of working from home isn’t exactly new. Managers have been managing virtual and remote teams over multiple geographies for some time, particularly within agencies, consultancies, media companies, and IT/tech companies. However, it’s an evolving model — one that’s now starting to become business-as-usual for bigger corporate players.