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James Keeler


A big-picture enterprise-shaper focused on the smallest of details.

James holds relationships with some of our largest, longest standing and most purposeful clients including CBA, Suncorp, Lifeline and InvoCare. James looks across enterprises, works with hundreds of leaders and anticipates the movement of whole industries. Known for delivering enterprise-wide outcomes through relationships, pace and finding the most important jobs to focus on, it’s the transformation of each individual leader that continues to fascinate him.

James enables incumbent enterprises to build insight at the right pace, then execute strategy to respond to global disruption and opportunities. Working with executive teams to engineer organisational evolution, James supports leaders to responsively work through the complexities of their world. James supports executives to create space for deep thinking, adopt an owner’s mindset and surf the tides of disruption with clarity and foresight.

James sends value viral. He believes absolutely everyone has value to add, and leaders have a responsibility to empathically unlock this value and unleash it on the world.

James provokes performance. Often people don’t know what they’re capable of until they do it. James believes all the insights in the world don’t matter unless they can be turned into action.

James is present. He thrives on the smallest of signals that come from human interaction. A people person to the core, deep connection is where James thrives.

“There are lots of problems in the world, and plenty of brain power going around to solve them. Uncovering someone’s purpose, provoking them to go after a cause, helping them to see their individual value-add and setting them loose, together, means we’re moving beyond teams, to organisations and industries. It delivers impact at a global scale.”


  • Bachelor of Agricultural Economics
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment
  • Zenger Folkman: Extraordinary Leader and Extraordinary Performer