What We Do

Networks that cultivate disproportionate growth

All too often organisations view their business with a fortress mentality where walls are built to keep competitors out, where know-how must be closely guarded lest it give another business elsewhere an advantage. Of course, it is important to take sensible precautions to protect sensitive information, but we are in a different age, where the winners will be those who collaborate, creating allies and associates they learn with, enabling each other to go fast.

Beyond mindset, a big part of how we unlock growth is through the development of global networks of people with similar challenges. Someone else will most definitely have already created an answer to the challenge you seek to solve. That answer may be in a different industry, it may be on a different set of conditions, and still by delving into the way others have explored the problem and their assumptions, you will find new options. Developments elsewhere in the world may inform where your business seeks to go. Networking is at the heart of good entrepreneurial thinking, because often entrepreneurs are working with limited resources and at small scale. They need to connect with, and learn from, others.

At Maximus our networks bring together individual leaders and organisations in ways that expand horizons and encourage ingenuity. By learning vicariously from others who excel in their own fields and markets, you can not only gain insights from their successes and mistakes but also make progress much more rapidly. Growth through focused exposure can effectively collapse time and help you steal a march on your competitors.

One of the ways we do this at Maximus is through The Expedition, a virtual experience linking organisations with thought leaders and progressive businesses. On a broader scale, our ultimate goal is to help create a world where absolutely everyone has the opportunity to fully realise their potential as a leader. Our master network to create this reality is The Collective, a global ecosystem of industry experts, international business schools, growth business founders and – of course – courageous leaders.


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