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As we continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19, we are faced with a decision point of how we respond and show up for ourselves and others. More and more we are experiencing a chronic state of languishing which dulls motivation, disrupts focus, and narrows people’s focus inward. Presently we are on the cusp of ‘The Great Resignation’, with a 2021 Microsoft Survey data suggesting that a staggering 41% of employees are thinking of quitting their job. What impact is this having on us and the organisations we lead? What impact will this have on society in years to come? And as leaders, how do we lean into this challenge, for ourselves, for our organisations and for society more broadly? Joined by Angus Hervey, Co-Founder, Future Crunch, we explore the parallel of collapse and renewal, and what we can learn from these stories to combat the challenge that we face into right now.



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