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Purpose is the north star, the anchor, the stabiliser in a crisis that helps us confidently steer in new directions. Purpose connects us deeply to one another and something greater than ourselves. We believe that purpose is just the beginning. True leadership is measured in impact, and impact requires conviction. John Chambers (Exec GM Future Business and Technology at AGL Energy), and Tiffanie Ireland (Director of Two Point Co. Indigenous Engagement Consultancy), two extraordinary leaders who have overcome enormous challenges to live and breathe their purpose daily and transform their organisations and the world around them, join Maximus Directors James Keeler and Katherine Boiciuc for a fascinating exploration of purposeful leadership.



  • AGL
  • Conviction
  • Event
  • Impact
  • Indigenous
  • James Keeler
  • John Chambers
  • Katherine Boiciuc
  • Livestream
  • Purpose
  • Tiffanie Ireland
  • Two Point Co

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