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Driven by a determination to find true purpose, the simple act of rescuing good food and delivering it to people in need quickly caught on, and in 2004 OzHarvest was born. Now Ronni Kahn inspires other leaders to do the same; connect their head and their heart to make a difference in their life.

Eighteen years later the Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation, OzHarvest, rescues and redistributes more than 125 tonnes of surplus food each week and is currently working with the Federal Government and other stakeholders to halve the staggering $20 billion worth of food that Australia bins each year. Kahn’s passion and leading with purpose have become a magnet for many in the business world looking to meld meaning with management.

Partnering with OzHarvest since 2016, our clients participate in OzHarvest’s Cooking for a Cause, and contribute to the greater community, enriching their leadership and informing their organisational vision. Maximus Founder & Managing Director, Vanessa Gavan, spoke with Kahn to discover how the passionate and authentic leader applies purposeful leadership to this transformational endeavour.


“If we can bring  more leaders into the community that connect their head with their heart, their business will do the right thing, for the right reasons… and their business will be profitable both to the shareholder, the community and the country.”

– Ronni Kahn, Founder & CEO, OzHarvest




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