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As uncertainty reigns, the near future of the first-horizon occupies the minds and resources of leaders across industries. Yet it is the second-horizon, the medium-term, which will prove most challenging as leaders grapple with the impact this crisis will have over the coming years. In this livestream, Andrew Gardiner, Chief of Commercial Property, Melbourne Airport and Trudi Mares, Executive Director, Transport Shared Services, Corporate Services – Transport for NSW, join Maximus Directors Brent Duffy and Mark Sowden, and talk to how they navigated the past 12 months, the impact COVID has had on their industries, and their approach to planning for the second horizon.



  • Andrew Gardiner
  • Brent Duffy
  • Event
  • Livestream
  • Mark Sowden
  • Melbourne Airport
  • Planning
  • Transport for NSW
  • Trudi Mares

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