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This International Women’s Day we wanted to celebrate some of the incredible women shaping our world for the better.


Ronni turned a successful catering business into an incredible movement to nourish our country. Ronni’s business, OzHarvest, takes food waste and turns it into meals for people in need. Ronni has fed millions of Australian’s who would otherwise go hungry, and has successfully changed legislation to make it easier for leftover food to be safely donated.
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Emma became the new face of feminism in 2014 when she fronted the UN’s ‘he for she’ campaign. It highlighted once again the need for male allies and the need for both men and women to stand up for equality. She challenged the thinking that feminism is outdated and restrictive. The recent controversy about her showing skin in a photoshoot served as a timely reminder that too many people still misunderstand what feminism actually means.
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Malala’s story speaks of courage, conviction, and a firm belief in what is right and wrong. After an ordeal which saw her first blog about life under the Taliban, then surviving an assassination attempt, she has since written a best seller, won the Nobel Peace Prize for her human rights activism in 2014, and founded the Malala foundation. Malala’s story shows that women’s and children’s rights are a human rights issue, which matters to all of us.
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Australians were incredulous when they heard the story of Luke Batty being murdered by his father during cricket practice – how could this happen!? The strength demonstrated by Luke’s mum, Rosie Batty in the days, months and years since have shown incredible resilience, determination and community support for families of domestic violence. Rosie (Australian of the Year 2015) is a vocal advocate for family rights and has established the Luke Batty Foundation. The Foundation stands with the women and children affected by family violence so that they are supported in the community and have a powerful voice in the corridors of power. ‘Never Alone’ will build a groundswell of support for victims that will make it impossible for family violence to be ignored any longer. They have a vision that change is driven through the eyes of the victims, with a force of supportive people behind it.
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