At Maximus we focus our energy on creating experiences that promote future-focused thinking, enable purpose-led leadership and unlock partnering and collaboration. To this end, we have created M Magazine, a rich collection of material that’s inspirational and aspirational with genuine utility for leaders globally.

In our first issue, we have structured the content around the future, people and technology whilst saving space for life outside of work as well. We have brought together case studies, interviews with thought leaders including Dan and Chip Heath, Dr. Angus Hervey and Ronni Kahn as well as articles on inspiring uses of technology and design. We have also shared some of our own latest research, particularly on ways to shift mindsets across organisations, a challenge many are facing right now.


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  • Angus Hervey
  • Anz
  • Ben Moir
  • Brent Duffy
  • Business
  • Cameron Kerr
  • Cca
  • Ceo
  • Chip and Dan Heath
  • Chip Heath
  • Cooking For a Cause
  • Culture
  • Customers
  • Dan Heath
  • David Roberts
  • Design
  • Disrupt
  • eLearning
  • Embed
  • Entrepreneur
  • Expose
  • Five to Thrive
  • Founder
  • Future
  • Future Crunch
  • future focus
  • Human Centred
  • Immerse
  • Innovation
  • Kathryn Van Der Merwe
  • KPI
  • Leaders
  • Learning
  • M Magazine
  • Maximus
  • Mindset
  • Moments
  • Ozharvest
  • People
  • Purpose
  • Ronni Kahn
  • Shayne Elliott
  • Silicon Valley
  • SingularityU
  • Taronga Zoo
  • Technology
  • Thrive
  • Trail Blazer
  • Vanessa Gavan
  • Wendy Raynor