Much of our work at Maximus focuses on developing leadership capabilities in this era of rapid change, so our second issue of M Magazine is dedicated to tackling the thorny topic of ‘innovation as a threat to Australia’, head-on.

We are unapologetic about probing the negatives, but also offer solutions and inspiration from those who take risks, embrace digital transformation, change their operating models and develop new ways of working – those practising the true principles of being an ‘innovation nation’.

We also explore culture, ‘scalable people’ and the flipside: re-skilling staff whose jobs are disappearing to automation alongside interviews with Dom Price and Stan Slap.


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  • Adam Grant
  • Atlassian
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Bill Johnston
  • Brent Duffy
  • Brett Vivian
  • Bruce Jeffreys
  • Business
  • Canva
  • Ceo
  • Culture
  • Design
  • Disrupt
  • Dom Price
  • Embed
  • Expose
  • Future
  • future focus
  • Habit Hacking
  • Habits
  • Holden
  • Human Centred
  • Immerse
  • Innovation
  • Innovation Nation
  • Israel
  • Jason McDermott
  • KPI
  • Leaders
  • M Magazine
  • Mark McGowan
  • Maximus
  • People
  • Peter Newman
  • Sam Tatum
  • Silicon Valley
  • Stan Slap
  • Startup
  • Technology
  • Unicorn
  • Vanessa Gavan
  • Wharton Business School
  • Ziv Carmon